The Right Livelihood College: Bridging the academia-activist gap

The Right Livelihood College aims to make the knowledge of the Laureates accessible to all and to make their “winning ideas” succeed and multiply.

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Right Livelihood News: Keeping track of projects all over the world

Vandana Shiva calls on you to join a global march against Monsanto.

Mycle Schneider presents the new nuclear industry status report.

Get the latest news from the fights of our Laureates!


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Gaza: "They are also our children."

56 recipients of the Right Livelihood Award from 35 countries signed a statement in which they condemn the killing of innocent civilians and especially children in Gaza and Israel.

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Honour for RLA founder

Jakob von Uexkull received the Illis Quorum Meruere Labores, a gold medal awarded for outstanding contributions to Swedish culture, science or society.

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New Documentary on Nnimmo Bassey

The 2010 Laureate discusses his work for the environmental movement in Nigeria and elsewhere.

The video is part of a series of eight documentaries about RLA Laureates. It is available both in English and German.

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Amy Goodman at Almedalen

Amy Goodman and her team from Democracy Now! broadcasted from Almedalen, Sweden meeting Swedish politicians and civil society during the first week of July.

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The 2013 Annual Report is now online

The Right Livelihood Award Foundation's 2013 Annual Report has now been published online. It provides an overview of the foundation's activities in 2013, presents last year's Award Recipients and a financial report. Available in English, German and Swedish. 

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Regional conference for Laureates from Africa & Middle East

For the first time, RLA Laureates from Africa and the Middle East met in Cairo, Egypt during the first week of June. Apart from sharing their experiences and struggles with each other and with the Egyptian civil society, they signed three declarations and a joint statement. 

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