Supporting our Laureates

Protecting Laureates at risk


In late 2011, the Right Livelihood Award Foundation launched a protection project for Laureates whose lives are endangered because their work threatens powerful political and/or corporate interests.

The project includes emergency protocols for Laureates at risk, regular monitoring of threats and proactive measures.

This work is made possible by a donation dedicated to the protection of our Laureates.

Chad Solidarity Visit, October 2012
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Turkey Observer Mission, November 2012
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Brazil Solidarity Visit, April 2013
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India Solidarity Visit, October 2013
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Gaza Solidarity Visit, October 2014
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Strategic Initiatives

Proactive Measures

To strengthen the position of threatened Laureates within their respective countries in the long term, we also implement strategic initiatives. These have included solidarity visits and an observer mission for a Laureate on trial.

April 2014


As an example of a strategic initiative, the Right Livelihood Award Foundation made a contribution towards strengthening the security of Dr Denis Mukwege and the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Laureates in Danger

Regular Monitoring of Threats


The Foundation regularly monitors and reacts to news of its Laureates being threatened. In many cases, we work with the Laureate in question to formulate an effective response. Over the past years, we have written to government authorities, published press releases, gathered signatures and issued Joint Statements initiated by or in support of Laureates.


Among these:

Indonesia: RLA Laureates call on President to solve Munir's murder

India: Swami Agnivesh attacked in Bhopal

India: Medha Patkar arrested

Latin America: RLA Recipients condemn violence against indigenous, small farmers and social movement leaders (español)



For further information about the protection project, kindly contact Sharan Srinivas, Programme and Reseach Manager at sharan [@]

Immediate Action

Emergency Protocols

The emergency protocols are a series of measures that the Foundation will take in case of a serious, acute and urgent threat to the life, health or liberty of a Laureate.

These protocols have been agreed upon with several Laureates at risk. They list inter alia likely sources of possible threats to the Laureate, contact details of persons identified by the Laureate as the best sources of information regarding a possible emergency situation, persons to whom calls should be made and protest letters should be sent, and the series of initiatives that should be implemented within the first 24-48 hours after information regarding the emergency reaches the Foundation.


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