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Newsletter Archive

August 2016 - A Month Full of Nuclear Hopes and Fears

July 2016Paraguay’s Secret Archives

June 2016Award’s Future in Parliament Under Threat

May 2016 - RLC Opens New Campus

April 2016 - 10 000 Milestone

March 2016 - Make Nepal Green

February 2016 - Nomination Deadline

November 2015 - Award Ceremony

November 2015Award Week


October 2015 - Announcement of the 2015 Laureates

September 2015 - Jury meeting in Geneva, Moudeina continues Habré trial

August 2015 - 70th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, GRAIN report on DRC


June 2015 - Roundtable whistleblower discussion, Laureates condemn threats to Swami Agnivesh


May 2015 (Special) - Job opening - call for applications


March 2015 - RLA Asian Regional Conference in Mumbai


January 2015  - Almada & Snowden, dangers of burning oil reserves, founder of Lokayan passes away.


December 2014 - 2014 Ceremony


November 2014 - Award Week


November 2014 (Special) - Solidarity Mission: RLA Delegation returns from Gaza


September 2014 - Announcement of the RLA 2014 Laureates



August 2014 - RLA Laureates condemn Gaza killings 


June 2014 - RLA Regional Conference in Cairo


May 2014 - In Memoriam - RLA Foundation mourns the deaths of Irene Fernandez and Hans-Peter Duerr


March 2014 - RLA Laureates sign joint statement in support of nuclear abolition


January 2014 - 30 Years of MST, Call for proposals of RLA candidates


December 2013 - Award Ceremony


November 2013 - Award Week, Laureates demand release of Greenpeace activists, first Latin American Right Livelihood College campus

October 2013 - Paul Walker welcomes Nobel Peace Prize for OPCW, Right Livelihood College debuts in Nigeria


September 2013 - Announcement 2013 Laureates


September 2013 - New RLA mini documentary 


July 2013
- Regional conference of Latin American Laureates

June 2013 (Special)
- Global food security

May 2013
- Laureates speak out against GMOs


April 2013 (Special) - RLA delegation reports from solidarity visit for Brazilian activists


March 2013 - Raul Montengero and Martin Almada condemn nuclear reactor in Argentina



February 2013 - Propose a candidate!


December 2012 - Award Ceremony and acceptance speeches


October 2012 (Special) - Solidarity Visit to Chad


May 2012 - Survival launches campaign to save Brazil's most threatened tribe, Laureate appeal for disarmament


April 2012 - Sign the petition to bring ideas to Rio+20, Be vocal in condemning new naval base in South Korea


February 2012 - Petition to Norway's Council on Ethics to stop pension fund investing in dirty oil, Propose a candidate for 2012



November 2011 - Get to know our Laureates, Many Laureates support Occupy movement


August 2011 - UNEP Report: Massive oil pollution in Nigeria, Johan Galtung interview about Utøya mass shooting


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