2014 Award Ceremony

Congratulations to the 2014 Laureates - Alan Rusbridger, Basil Fernando, Asma Jahangir, Bill McKibben and, in absence, Edward Snowden.

If you missed the 2014 Award ceremony, you can watch it on our Youtube channel.

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The Right Livelihood College: Bridging the academia-activist gap

The Right Livelihood College aims to make the knowledge of the Laureates accessible to all and to make their “winning ideas” succeed and multiply.

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Right Livelihood News: Keeping track of projects all over the world

Vandana Shiva calls on you to join a global march against Monsanto.

Mycle Schneider presents the new nuclear industry status report.

Get the latest news from the fights of our Laureates!


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Job opening

Are you passionate about the issues our Laureates work for? Do you want to spread awareness about them? Then you could become our new Communications Manager! If you are interested in the position, take a closer look at the...

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RLC Seminar Series

Global Health,
Climate Change and the Environment

A report on the effects of climate change on health and the environment has been published by researchers from the Right Livelihood College in Lund.

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Asma Jahangir

Protecting human rights in Pakistan and globally

Asma Jahangir is Pakistan’s leading human rights lawyer. For three decades, she has shown incredible courage in defending the most vulnerable Pakistanis – women, children, religious minorities and the poor...


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Following a meeting with fellow 2014 Laureate Bill McKibben during the Award Week in Stockholm, Alan Rusbridger launched a new campaign at the Guardian to find an alternative way to engage the public on the topic of climate change.

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Regional Conference

For the first time, RLA Laureates based in Asia and the Pacific met at our third regional conference in Mumbai, India, from 3 to 6 March.

The Laureates had the chance to discuss future joint projects, support each others' campaigns, and interact with local civil society organizations and activists in Mumbai and India.

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Basil Fernando/ AHRC

Defending and implementing human rights principles in Asia

Basil Fernando is a leading Asian human rights defender. In a career spanning three decades, he has been pivotal in linking ordinary citizens striving for human rights principles...

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