Proposals & Selection Process

Anyone - except Right Livelihood Award Jury and staff members - can propose anyone (individuals or organisations), except themselves, close relatives or their own organisations, to be considered for a Right Livelihood Award. The Right Livelihood Award Foundation reserves the right to refuse clearly unsuitable proposals. Proposals must not be publicised, except to the candidate and possible referees. Failure to observe this invalidates a proposal.

In this way, the Foundation receives proposals from all around the world. Projects from “Third World” Countries and grassroots activists have the same chance of being proposed as, for example, a First World scholar or entrepreneur. Through this open nomination process, the Foundation gets a sense of what people around the world perceive as the most urgent problems - and who develops ways to solve them.

Every year, there are more than 100 proposals for the Right Livelihood Award. After careful research by the Foundation’s research team, reports on the current proposals are submitted to the Foundation's board and international Jury. The Jury meets annually at the end of September to select the Recipients. The year's Awards are announced at a press conference in Stockholm some ten days later.

"On my research trips for the Right Livelihood Award, I encounter many of the most terrible aspects of life on our planet today. But I also meet the people working to solve these problems. I have seen the devastating aftermaths of oil production on the lands of the Ogoni in Nigeria. But I have also seen how a poetry festival in the streets of Medellín in Colombia, a city formerly known for its terror and violence, can bring about the best in people.
To see this, to experience the positive results of people's commitment, gives me hope that another world is indeed possible."

- Ole von Uexkull, Executive Director, Right Livelihood Award Foundation


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