The 2015 Right Livelihood Laureates are



Award ceremony

The 2015 Award ceremony took place in the Swedish parliament on 30 November. The presentation of the 36th Right Livelihood Awards was hosted by the Society for the Right Livelihood Award in the Swedish Parliament (SÄRLA). 

The Award acceptance speeches were prepared by the 2015 Laureates in advance. Please note that the speeches delivered may have differed from the ones prepared:

Tony de Brum's speech (download pdf)
Sheila Watt-Cloutier's speech (download pdf)
Kasha Nabagesera's speech (download pdf)
Gino Strada's speech (download pdf)

Award presentation speech by Jakob von Uexkull (pdf)

Video material is available on our FTP server (see below) and on our Youtube channel

Download high resolution pictures & videos

Download high-resolution material of the 2015 Laureates as well as statements from 2015 jury members for media-use from our ftp-server. The following material is available for download:

  • Video footage (Speeches and clippings from the Award ceremony; b-roll and sound-bites from the RLA jury meeting; video footage featuring EMERGENCY and Kasha Nabagesera; video footage of the announcement press conference)
  • Pictures (individual and group pictures featuring all four 2015 Laureates)

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The Laureates were announced on 1 October 2015 at 10.00 a.m. (CET) at a press conference at the International Press Centre at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Stockholm. Watch the announcement on YouTube.

Please contact our communications team for more information.

8 JuneSpeaker’s decision to block the ‘Alternative Nobel’ from Parliament shows bias, says Right Livelihood Award chief (available in Swedish and in English)


1 June: The Right Livelihood Award Foundation joins AMEC (available in English)


25 MaySexual Violence in Africa: Reversing the Trends (available in English and French)


21 MayThe Award's Future in Parliament Under Threat (available in Swedish)


19 April: Right Livelihood College Opens New Campus at National University of Cordoba in Argentina (available in Spanish)


14 April: Crime against landless workers rampant as Brazil descends into political crisis (available in English, Spanish, and Swedish)


09 MarchLaureates petition against impunity following the murder of activist Berta Caceres (available in Spanish/English)


22 February: Alternative Nobel Laureates pool expertise to Make Nepal Green (available in English)


02 FebruaryOne month left to nominate candidates for the 2016 Right Livelihood Award (available in English, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese)


30 November: Award Ceremony: 2015 Laureates call for climate leadership and putting an end to war and discrimination (available in English, French, Italian and Swedish)


23 November: Media opportunity: Austrian pop artist and worldwide LGBTI icon Conchita Wurst will meet with 2015 Laureate Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera in Stockholm on 27 November. Read our press release for more information (available in English, German and Swedish)


16 November: Upcoming: Award Ceremony and Programme (available in English and Swedish)


29 October 2015: Right Livelihood Award Foundation condemns deadly attack against employees of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission in Jalalabad


1 October 2015: Announcement of the 2015 Laureates (available in English, French, GermanItalianSpanish and Swedish)


10 September 2015: Upcoming announcement of the 2015 Laureates (available in EnglishFrench, Spanish and Swedish)


14 August 2015: Laureates support Medha Patkar's Protest


7 August 2015: IBFAN supports International Breastfeeding Week - Piden a empleadores, sindicalistas y legisladores medidas que protejan la lactancia materna (en español)


17 July 2015: CPT turns 40 & Brazil leads world rankings of assassinations of social leaders and environmental figures - Por tercer año consecutivo, Brasil encabeza ranking mundial de asesinatos de líderes sociales y ambient ales (en español)


14 July 2015: Francisco Toledo turns 75 - Los gobernantes hacen cada día menos caso a las demandas de los ciudadanos (en español)


9-12 July 2015: 25 Years of the Poetry Festival of Medellín - 25 años resistiendo la guerra a fuerza de poesía Poetas y organizaciones sociales buscan cómo deshacer el nudo de odio tras años de guerra (en español)


23 June 2015: Interview with Leonardo Boff about the Papal Encyclical on climate change (en español)


19 June 2015: UN Special Rapporteur Urged to Make Public Statement on Denial of Free Speech in Bangladesh


18 May 2015Right Livelihood Award Laureates condemn incitement to murder Swami Agnivesh (also available in hindi)


18 May 2015: Parliament seminars in Stockholm (in svenska)


13 April 2015: Inauguration of Munir Street in The Hague: Suciwati calls on President to resolve Munir murder (see also the Petition to President Joko Widodo


2 April 2015: World Health Day: Declaration on the future of nutrition (also available en español & special version for media in Africa)


27 March 2015 Swedish parliamentarians visit Edward Snowden in Moscow (also available på svenska and en español).


11 March 2015: Right Livelihood Laureates petition the Federal Government of Nigeria over Ogoni environment clean-up


7 March 2015: Regional Conference close in Mumbai 


17 February 2015: Regional Conference in Mumbai

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