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Press Release 17 July 2015: CPT turns 40 & Brazil leads world rankings of assassinations of social leaders and environmental: Por tercer año consecutivo, Brasil encabeza ranking mundial de asesinatos de líderes sociales y ambient ales (pdf on español)

Press Release 14 July 2015: Francisco Toledo turns 75: “Los gobernantes hacen cada día menos caso a las demandas de los ciudadanos (pdf on español)

Press Releases 9-12 July 2015: 25 years Poetry Festival of Medellín - 25 años resistiendo la guerra a fuerza de poesía Poetas y organizaciones sociales buscan cómo deshacer el nudo de odio tras años de guerra(pdfs en español)

Press Release 23 June 2015 - Interview with Leonardo Boff about the Papal Encyclical on climate change (pdf en español)

Press Release 19 June 2015 - UN Special Rapporteur Urged to Make Public Statement on Denial of Free Speech in Bangladesh (pdf)

Newsletter June 2015

Newsletter special May 2015

Press Release 18 May 2015 - Right Livelihood Award Laureates condemn incitement to murder Swami Agnivesh (pdf in english; also available in hindu)

Press release 18 May - Parliament seminars in Stockholm (pdf in svenska)

Press release 13 April 2015 - Inauguration of Munir Street in The Hague: Suciwati calls on President to resolve Munir murder (pdf, see also the Petition to President Joko Widodo

Press release 2 April 2015 - World Health Day: Declaration on the future of nutrition (pdf, also available en español & special version for media in Africa)

Press release 27 March 2015 - Swedish parliamentarians visit Edward Snowden in Moscow (pdf, also available på svenska and en español).

Newsletter March 2015

Press Release 11 March 2015 - Right Livelihood Laureates petition the Federal Government of Nigeria over Ogoni environment clean-up (pdf)

Press Release 7 March 2015 - Regional Conference close in Mumbai (pdf)

Press Release 17 February - Regional Conference in Mumbai (pdf)

Newsletter January 2015



Press Release 9 December - Letter to the Indonesian President on Munir's murder

Newsletter December: 2014 Ceremony

Press Release 20 November - Upcoming: Award Ceremony and programme

Newsletter November - Award week

Newsletter Special 5 November - Solidarity Mission: RLA Delegation returns from Gaza

Press Release 29 September - RLA Delegation calls on Brazilian Presidential Candidates (pdf, español; as well as the original letter in English and em português)

Press Release 25 September - Laureates' reactions to Right Livelihood Awards: "We have something to protect" (pdf)

Newsletter September: Announcement of the RLA2014 Laureates

Press Release 24 September - 2014 Laureates announced (pdfs also available in GermanSwedish, Spanish and French)

Press Release 15 September - Announcement of RLA 2014 Laureates (pdf)

Press Release 28 August - Jakob von Uexkull honoured by Swedish government (pdf)

Newsletter August

Press Release 14 August - Maude Barlow: US companies can get around TTIP break through CETA (pdf, German)

Press Release 13 August - We can't go back being like what we used to be: Palestinians demand to be recognised as human beings - Op ed by Raji Sourani (pdf, español)

Press Release 6 August - Joan Garces: Cheerfulness and Hope for Everyone in the World Who Gets Inspired by Las Abuelas (pdf, español)

Press Release 25 July - Declaration by Right Livelihood Award Laureates on Gaza (also available in German)

Press Release 02 July - US icon and first Right Livelihood Award Recipient Stephen Gaskin passes away (pdf)

Newsletter June

Global experts call on Nigerian and Congolese governments to clean up oil spills and cancel exploration permits in Virunga National Park (pdf)

Global experts call on African Union Governments to implement Ecological Organic Agriculture in Africa (pdf, also available en français and en español)

Press Release 02 June - Regional Conference Egypt (pdf, also available in Arabic)

Newsletter May

Press Release 26 May - Theo van Boven turns 80 (pdf)

Press Release 20 May - RLC Campus opens at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India (pdf)

Press Release 19 May - Hans-Peter Duerr passes away (pdf)

Press Release 31 March - Malaysian workers’ rights champion Irene Fernandez passes away (pdf, also available en español)

Newsletter March

Press Release 20 March - Nuclear Security Summit 2014: RLA Laureates and members of World Future Council sign Joint Statement (pdf)

Newsletter January

Press Release 30 January - 25 years after the fall of Alfredo Stroessner (pdf, also available en español)

Press Release 24 January - 30 Years of MST - Remembering Cícero Guedes (pdf, español)



Press Release 2 December - Award Ceremony (pdf, also available en español)

Newsletter December - Award Ceremony

Press Release 25 November - Right Livelihood College establishes campus in California (pdf)

Press Release 21 November - Upcoming: Award ceremony and programme (pdf)

Newsletter November

Press Release 11 November - Right Livelihood College inaugurates Universidad Austral de Chile as the sixth campus (pdf, español)

Press Release 10 November - Right Livelihood Laureates and members of World Future Council demand immediate release of Greenpeace activists (pdf, also available en español)

Newsletter October

Press Release 30 October - Vandana Shiva supports protests against Monsanto - (pdf, español)

Press Release 14 October - University of Milenaria distinguished Manfred Max-Neef with honorary degree - (pdf, español)

Press Release 13 October - India Solidarity Visit (pdf)

Press Release 11 October - OPCW "great choice" for Nobel Peace Prize (pdf, also available en español)

Press Release 8 October - New Right Livelihood College campus at the University of Port Harcourt (pdf)

Press Release 26 September - Announcement Laureates 2013
(pdf, also available in svenska, deutsch, español, العربية and français)

Press Release 12 September - 32 Laureates sign petition against Brazilian - Japanese nuclear agreement (pdf em português, also available en español)

Newsletter 26 September - Announcement 2013 Laureates

Newsletter September

Press Release 30 August - Barcelona exhibition (pdf, en español)

Press Release 16 July - Global coalition warns against nuclear power expansion plans

Newsletter July

Press Release 8 July - Laureates at Regional Conference in Bogotá condemn violence against indigenous, small farmers and social movement leaders (pdf, en español, also available em português)

Press Release 6 July - Poetry Festival of Medellín starts
 (pdf, en español)

Press Release 27 June - World Food Prize Statement (pdf)
(Note: A Spanish version based on this release was sent later, on July 16th, after the World Food Prize Foundation's president Kenneth Quinn had replied to the criticism raised in the statement).

Press Release 26 June - Regional Conference of Latin American Laureates in Bogota (pdf, en español)

Newsletter Special 14 June - Global food security

Newsletter May

Press Release 20 May - Laureates sign petition in protection of Klaus Hönniger (pdf, en español)

Press Release 14 May - Asghar Ali Engineer passes away

Press Release 7 May - Launch of the global campaign "For 1000 years of Peace in Colombia" (pdf, en español)

Newsletter Special 4 April - RLA delegation reports from solidarity visit for Brazilian activists

Press Release 26 March - RLA solidarity visit to Brazil (pdf, en español)

Newsletter March

Press Release 17 March - Two Laureates speak out against nuclear reactor in Northern Argentina (pdf, en español)

Press Release 19 February - Attacks and death threats put members of CPT in Brazil at risk

Press Release 12 February - Sankaralingam Jagannathan passed away

Press Release 12 February - Indigenous tribes in Peru threatened by oil exploration
(pdf, en español)

Newsletter February

Press Release 2 February - José Antonio Abreu receives the Order of Merit of Duarte, Sanchez and Mella from the Dominican Republic (pdf, en español)

Press Release 1 February - Condemning the murder of Cícero Guedes



Newsletter December

Press Release December 6th: Laureates' statements and use of prize money 

Press Release November 20th: Turkish Laureate freed

Press Release November 14th: Turkish Laureate on Trial

Press Release November 6th: Calling for Medha Patkar to be freed

Newsletter Special October: Solidarity Visit to Tchad

Press Release September 27th: Announcement of the 2012 Laureates

Press Release September 21st: Memorial condemns new Russian law 

Press Release September 18th: Upcoming Award Announcement

Press Release August 16th: Chico Whitaker warning

Press Release June 16th: Rosalie Bertell passed away

Press Release June 7th: Land grabbing seminar (Swedish)

Newsletter May

Newsletter April

Press Release February 9th: Angra 3 (German)

Newsletter February


Press Release December 5th: Recipients in Stockholm

Newsletter November

Press Release September 29th: Award Announcement

Press Release September 26th: Wangar Maathai passes away

Newsletter August


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