News 2015-02-24

McKibben to hold second Right Livelihood lecture at Santa Cruz

On 26th February, Laureate Bill McKibben will speak about climate justice and fossil freedom at the University of California - Santa Cruz for the second Annual Right Livelihood College Lecture.

The event, which is free and open to the public, is sponsored by UCSC's Common Ground Center at Kresge College, one of the seven Right Livelihood Colleges. The mission of the Common Ground Center is to “create cultural change for social justice, environmental regeneration and economic viability”.

McKibben will present via Skype (in honour of greenhouse gas reduction) beginning at 2pm (PST) with a Q&A session to follow until 3pm. More information about the event here.

News 2015-02-18

Laureate elected to district council in Botswana

In October 2014, Jumanda Gakelebone, representative of 2005 Laureate First People of the Kalahari (FPK), was elected to the Ghangi District Council for a five-year term.

As Councillor, he is able to bring his people's developmental concerns and issues directly to local and national government authorities. Among the issues Gakelebone is taking up is Botswanan President Khama's nationwide ban on hunting, which FPK and Survival International (RLA 1989) strongly oppose for being against the interests of indigenous communities in Botswana.

News 2015-01-26

International Energy Advisory Council launched

Mycle Schneider (RLA 1997) and Amory Lovins (RLA 1983) along with other energy thinkers just launched the International Energy Advisory Council (IEAC).

Since 2013, the group has been advising the Seoul Metropolitan Government on Seoul's Sustainable Energy Action Plan (called "One Less Nuclear Power Plant"), which had the ambitious goal to reduce or substitute the equivalent of 2 MTOE (approximate output of one reactor) in 32 months, a target it managed to accomplish 6 months earlier than planned.

The IEAC came about following the establishment of the Seoul International Energy Advisory Council, which brought together the energy experts who would subsequently found the IEAC.

More information on the IEAC in the media release.

News 2015-01-21

Founder of Lokayan (RLA 1985) dies at age 86

Rajni Kothari, founder of 1985 Laureate Lokayan, passed away in New Delhi on January 19th at age 86, according to Times of India.

Kothari, a prominent political scientist, received the Award for founding Lokayan, a forum for the consolidation of democracy and interaction between activists and concerned intellectuals through meetings, workshops, and lectures.

At the Award ceremony in 1985, Kothari acknowledged that "dialogue is the essence of the democratic process, provided it is 'dialogue of the people' and not just among the privileged, and provided it is dialogue not for its own sake but for participating in collective transformation involving both micro and macro thresholds.

News 2015-01-03

Panzi Hospital's accounts seized

Congolese tax authorities seized accounts of Denis Mukwege's Panzi hospital.

Mukwege regards the freezing of the hospital's accounts as unjustified and said Panzi hospital had been singled out by the government. According to media reports, the hospital's lawyer, Patient Bashombe, called the seizing of the hospital's accounts illegal and that "no public hospital in DRC has ever paid tax." 

Before, Denis Mukwege has critized the Congolese government.

Read Denis Mukwege's statement

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