News 2015-04-13

Unveiling Munir's street in The Hague

Today, Suciwati will attend the unveiling of a street to commemorate her late husband, Laureate Munir Said Thalib in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Over a decade having passed since Munir's murder, 36 fellow Laureates from across the world have joined Suciwati to call on Indonesian President Joko Widodo to honour his election promises and bring those that masterminded Munir's assassination to account.

President Widodo made it an election campaign promise to resolve Indonesia's past human rights violations. However, those involved in the conspiracy to kill Munir are still free.

Suciwati has expressed frustration at the case not being resolved. "People will be reluctant to become activists like Munir because it's dangerous and there is no protection for their lives," she said.

Read the petition to President Widodo.

Watch an interview with Suciwati on the current situation in Indonesia.

News 2015-04-07

Laureates decry Golden Rice and GM Bananas as "false miracles"

With "Food Safety" being the theme for this years' World Health Day, 39 Laureates of the Right Livelihood Award from across the world have endorsed a declaration on the future of nutrition, rejecting the "false promises" corporations are proposing in the Global South.

The declaration initiated by 1993 Laureate Vandana Shiva and a coalition of women's groups in India criticises the claims of nutrition benefit of genetically engineered Golden Rice and GMO Bananas. It asks the world to further promote a sustainable agro- ecology system with crop diversity and seed sovereignty. Other Laureates such as 2011 Laureate organization GRAIN have particularly endorsed the declaration, emphasising that Golden Rice is not the answer to vitamin deficiencies in developing countries.

Read more about the declaration in the press releases for Asia, Africa and Latin-America (en espanol).

News 2015-03-27

Swedish parliamentarians visit Edward Snowden in Moscow

Three Swedish parliamentarians visited 2014 Laureate Edward Snowden in Moscow. This is the first time ever that Snowden has received a parliamentarian delegation. Ms. Cecilia Magnusson (Moderate Party), Mr. Mathias Sundin (Liberal Party) and Mr. Jakop Dalunde (Green Party), participated in the meeting.

The meeting was organized by the Right Livelihood Award Foundation, whose ambition is that Snowden should be able to come to Sweden to receive his prize in the near future.

"Our hope is that today's meeting will increase the likelihood of Edward Snowden being able to receive his award in Stockholm. If Sweden welcomes Snowden, hopefully other countries will follow, which will give him a certain freedom of travel", said Ole von Uexkull, RLA Executive Director.

More information about the visit.


News 2015-03-26

Habré's agents convicted of torture

According to Human Rights Watch, the conviction of 20 top security agents twenty-four years after the end of the Habré dictatorship in Chad is a victory for justice. The court also ordered that $125 million in reparations be paid in compensation to 7,000 victims who were plaintiffs in the case.

Habré’s government is accused of thousands of political killings and widespread torture, which have been documented by our 2011 Laureate Jacqueline Moudeina. The Chadian lawyer has been working fearlessly to bring the former dictator to justice making sure that those who committed crimes do not go unpunished.

Read more about the latest news on Habré case here.

News 2015-03-16

The Guardian launches new series on climate change

Our 2014 Laureate Alan Rusbridger explained how the Guardian team came up with the idea of a new narrative to discuss climate change, "the greatest threat to humanity," as the next big challenge for the newspaper before Rusbridger would step down as the Editor-in-Chief this summer.

It was at a meeting with fellow Laureate Bill McKibben during the 2014 Award Week in Stockholm that Rusbridger realised the Guardian needed to find an alternative way to engage the public on the topic of climate change and "make the world care".

Listen to a podcast leading you behind the scenes of the brainstorming process for the climate change series here

Join us and more than 144,000 others already and sign the Guardian's petition to urge the two biggest charitable funds, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust, to cease investing in fossil fuels.

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