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Vandana Shiva calls on you to join a global march against Monsanto.

Mycle Schneider presents the new nuclear industry status report.

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The Right Livelihood College: Bridging the academia-activist gap

The Right Livelihood College aims to make the knowledge of the Laureates accessible to all and to make their “winning ideas” succeed and multiply.

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Irene Fernandez passes away

The Right Livelihood Award Foundation mourns the death of Malaysian human rights champion Irene Fernandez. She dedicated her life to advancing the rights of women, migrants and domestic workers, for which she received the Right Livelihood Award in 2005.

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For nuclear weapons, there are no right hands

In a joint statement, 40 recipients of the Right Livelihood Award and members of the World Future Council are calling on world leaders to acknowledge the limited focus of the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague on 24-25 March. 

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Are you interested in communications and the media, with a focus on social, environmental and human rights issues? We are currently recruiting a communications trainee, starting in August 2014 for a period of six months. Take a closer look at the traineeship's specifications and if you think you fit the profile, send us your application.

Good luck!

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Raji Sourani

Defending human rights and working for peace

Raji Sourani has defended and promoted human rights for all in Palestine and the Arab World for 35 years. As the most prominent human rights lawyer based in the Gaza Strip, Sourani established the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights...

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Denis Mukwege

Healing women survivors of war-time sexual violence

Dr. Denis Mukwege is a gynaecologist working in the war-torn region of Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). As the chief surgeon of Panzi hospital, he and his colleagues have treated about 40,000 rape victims...

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Hans Herren/ Biovision Foundation

Securing a sustainable global food supply

The Swiss agronomist/entomologist Dr. Hans R. Herren is one of the world’s leading experts on biological pest control and sustainable agriculture. When a new pest threatened the cassava root in Africa, he designed and implemented a...

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