The Award Ceremony in the Swedish Parliament
2005 Award Ceremony

Since 1985 the Right Livelihood Award Ceremony has been held annually in the Swedish Parliament. The presentation takes place in December, shortly before the Nobel Prize Ceremony on December 10th.

The presentations are hosted by an all-party group of Swedish parliamentarians (SÄRLA – Association for the Right Livelihood Award in the Swedish Parliament). During the Ceremony, every recipient is introduced by a member of SÄRLA. The chairman of SÄRLA is Eva-Lena Jansson.

The Ceremony takes place in a decorated chamber, and with its speeches, music and the opportunity to mingle at the buffet supper afterwards, it is both solemn and casual at the same time. It displays what the Award Laureates have in common: a serious cause and an often incredible sense of humour and joy that they – despite all the hardships they have experienced – never seem to lose.

"I remember when Astrid Lindgren received the Prize: The music played the theme of Pippi Longstocking, and when Astrid left the stage she was smiling all over and dancing to the music. It was wonderful!"

– Kerstin Bennett, former Operational Director, Right Livelihood Award Foundation.

The 2015 Ceremony

The 2014 Ceremony

The 2013 Ceremony


Older award ceremonies can be watched on our Youtube Channel.


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