About the Award

The "Alternative Nobel Prize"

"The Right Livelihood Award honours and supports those offering practical and exemplary answers to the most urgent challenges facing us today. In many countries, the Award is often referred to as the 'Alternative Nobel Prize'."


Setting up the Award

In 1980, Jakob von Uexkull felt that the Nobel Prize categories were too narrow in scope and too concentrated on the interests of the industrialised countries to be an adequate answer to the challenges now facing humanity.

Guidelines for proposals

How to propose a candidate

You have a good candidate for us in mind? Then read our guidelines for proposals!

The deadline for proposals is March 1.

Guidelines in English
Award Ceremony

Bestowed in 'Riksdagen" - the Swedish Parliament

Since 1985 the Right Livelihood Award Ceremony has been held annually in the Swedish Parliament. The Award Presentation takes place in December, shortly before the Nobel Prize Ceremony.



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