News about Trident Ploughshares

Upcoming: disarmament camp

Angie Zelter recently initiated a new campaign called Action AWE which starts in February 2013. Trident Ploughshares will run a 2 week disarmament camp in the summer as their part in supporting the Action AWE campaign.

Naval base on Jeju Island

March 2012  South Korea is building a Naval base on Jeju Island. After its completion it will harbour warships and American ships will be allowed to visit the port. Villagers, priests and anti-nuclear activists have protested at the construction site.

Angie Zelter from Trident Ploughshares joined the protests and was arrested several times. To get an insider's account, please read Angie's reports

26 Right Livelihood Laureates signed a statement of support for the non-violent protest at Jeju.


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